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4 Design Trends that You Must Know In 2018

Do you want to know about the 5 of the most popular design trends that are going to be on top in 2018? We’ve come up with a few by observing what companies are doing that will spark an interest in other people. So let’s dive in:

Creative Typography

Trust me! This is going to blast in 2018.  Creative typography is nothing new, but it became a significant trend a few years ago. As experts say, it has more to unleash and add up to the enticement of the design industry.

More and more designers are illustrating typography and taking an interest in typography in general. A lot more companies are using creative elements in this particular design type, which is the use of fonts in different compositions. People are not only using it to create cool compositions but also be creative with them. This year, you are going to see a lot more dripping text that is something seen online over the past few months.

Double Exposure

Double exposure became slightly trendy over the past few years, but there is about to be more creativity blended with double exposure.

In fact, there are so many images that are coming out this year bejeweled with more and more design elements. This trend is quite likely to peak at 2018 with many more designers around the world using it as portfolios of different companies.

The reason why it’s such a great hype is that it’s more inclined towards being more natural and artistic. Perhaps that the reason why companies are going to be using it to market their products.


First of all, it’s not the traditional 3D or maybe the very first version of it. The 3D here is indicating towards the VR. Virtual reality is going to take off in 2018 as the mobile phones are coming out and becoming more consumer available.

Perhaps that’s the reason why experts believe that VR is going to be amazingly popular in the years ahead. This is not only specific to the website and graphics design, but also the game designer is going to be using it to come up with more innovation.

So just keep VR in your mind when it comes to 3D. For sure, it’s going to take off massively in VR and AR. In general design world, there’s going to be more 3D objects for branding and making it look realistic through creating models of logos, etc.

More Vivid Colors

Back a few months ago, YouTube changed their branding. The significant color of their logo is slightly charged if you noticed, the red has been intensified so that it seems more bright and prominent on the eyes. Some even say that it’s obtrusively red to the extent that it stands out on your screen.
Since giants of the online world are sticking to something, others are going to follow it for sure. So this practice will be in popularity in 2018. Whether you’re a graphic design or website company Dubai, try practicing these trends as these are going to be of great use the year ahead.

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