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7 Comfort Winter Drinks to Keep You Warm This Season!

Winter alert!

Winter is all about cold, cozy nights, warm blankets, and frosty mornings. This chilly weather required a cup of comfy drink which will definitely make you feel warm and comfortable. So what are you waiting for? It's time you indulge yourself just a little more and enjoy the chills this season with the 7 popular winter drinks in India! The distinctive flavours of these yumilicious beverages will surely make you love the season even more. Pick your favorite drink from the following list to beat the chill like a boss. Happy Winter folks!

GaramGaram Chai

A hot cup of cutting chai in winters is a combination which is inseparable. Tea is a drink which refreshes up things instantly. Be it a plain or masala with heaps of ginger and cinnamon, a steaming cup of tea is a healer and a true companion in cold, windy days.


There is nothing like a warm cup of kahwah(a green tea-based hot drink) to beat the winter blues. Traditionally, kahwah is served in a samovar which is a beautifully crafted heated metal container with a coal chamber. This Kashmiri variant is a very popular drink during the winters in Kashmir and it is not only considered healthy but also for soothing your palate!


Rasam, a tangy south Indian soup, is a warm, soothing drink, made with tamarind and tomatoes. Also known as Saaru in Kannada &Chaaru in Andhra & Telangana, Rasam is extremely popular among the masses. Not to forget, it actually acts as a batman which silently protects your body from the harsh winters. 


Shorba is basically the traditional Indian take on the more common soup. This recipe was brought to India by the Mughals owing to their taste for the Persian cuisine. Though one can find this item in the food culture all over the country, Hyderabad is best known for their own signature version of this soup or stew. Hyderabad Tourism can explore the diverse culture and historical tradition of this city. Hyderabadtravel guide provide you information about tourist places, major sightseeing attractions, the best time to visit, the top places to visit in Hyderabad, maps, restaurants, hotels, nearby tourist destinations and many more. You should plan a trip soon to the “City of Pearls.”


Made by the locals of Sikkim, Chang is a Sikkimese drink which you should try this season. On a lighter note, it is known as a relative of beer and is made of barley, rice grains, or millet. So enjoy the warm, soothing flavours of this item with each sip.

Noon Chai

The next on this list is a hot drink from the fantastic Jammu and Kashmir. Noon Chai, a herbal tea which is pink in colour contains milk and a pinch of salt making it a bit saline in flavour. So, make sure to try a cup of this drink when you visit the city of Jammu or Srinagar. 

Mulled Wine

Planning to visit Goa? If yes, then don’t forget to gulp down some mulled wine. Bearing its origins in the West, this is a winter delicacy which shouldn’t be missed. Mulled wine is prepared by mulling several yum spices and raisins in local wine. It is generally served hot or warm.

So now that you are aware of the 7 popular winter drinks in India, decide which one of these drinks you wish to try first. Till we meet again, happy travels!

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