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Types of Modern Islamic Clothes for Women to Make Them More Elegant

When it comes to Muslim outfits, especially for women, the major features are elegance, soberness,and sophistication. When these things get amalgamated, you get the best designer Islamic clothing for women. While shopping for women clothes, you should check out the designs of the dress well. It must look elegant first of everything. There are different types of Islamic clothes which makes Muslim women look beautiful. Choose colors and designs according to your skin tone and appear gracefully. The famous types of women wear are as follows-

1.      Hijab

When talking about the modest dresses for women in Islam, this will be on the top of the list. This is basically a rectangular or square piece of fabric which is worn as a headgear. It is wrapped around your head and tied under your chin as a scarf. This is made of different types of fabrics. You can choose chiffon hijab or of viscose. Whatever you pick, it should be comfortable to wear.

2.      Abaya

This is kind of cloak, wore by Muslim women, over their regular clothing when they are in public. Usually, theabaya is made of synthetic fabric and colored in black. Often it is decorated with sequins or embroidery is also done on it. You can wear it over the shoulders or from the top of your head. To close it, it is fastened. Often it comes with a veil or headscarf.

3.      Khimar

The veil that is used by Islamic women to cover their face and thehead is known as akhimar. Basically, this word represents a scarf-like fabric that is mainly used to cover the upper portion of your body, including your head and up to thewaist.

4.      Chador

This is another type of enveloping cloak that is used to cover the entire body of a woman, from head to feet. This is often ground touching. Women of Iraq mainly wear this. The difference between chador and abaya is that the former one is not fastened in the front.

5.      Niqab

This is another type of face veil for Muslim women to cover up their entire faces except for their eyes.

6.      Jilbab

This is another type of cloak that the Muslim women wear when they are in public. It is like abaya but more fitted kind of dress. It is more fashionable also than abaya as it looks like a long tailored coat. Jilbab is available in avariety of colors.

7.      ShalwarKameez

Though this dress has been popularized throughout the world by Muslim women, it is also worn by Muslim Men. This is basically a long tunic that is teamed up with a pair of trousers. This dress has been so popular around the world that it is worn by women of other religions and casts too.

8.      Burqa

This is an amalgamation of cloak and veil that covers the entire women body, including their eyes. A mesh screen is used to cover their eyes.

These are certain types of authentic Islamic wear for ladies. Fashion designers are bringing changes in the apparels while keeping the authentication intact.

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