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Learn the Inside Story of Refrigerator to Simplify your Buying Guide

We have so many appliances at home. Whether it is an automatic rice cooker, microwave, induction or a refrigerator, each has its own feature that makes it unique. We simply buy the product looking at its features and specifications, but never did we take into account the way they function.

Today, let’s discuss the parts, features and accessories of one such appliance, refrigerator. There are various models in market from different brands like LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Godrej, Electrolux, and many more, but the functioning of every machine is the same. The parts are the same that are fixed in it.

Here is some information related to refrigerator, you need to understand about -

  • Parts
  • Accessories
  • Features

  • The first is the compressor that is the real part which helps in cooling the machine and the warranty is given on this part because if this part stops functioning then, the entire refrigerator is nothing but a wardrobe. Maximum energy is consumed by a compressor.
  • Compressor runs fluid with a motor that is called refrigerant that allows the machine to cool.
  • When the motor works, heat is generated by the refrigerator. This heat is absorbed by a condenser.
  • The refrigerator has rubber seal all around the door to stop cool air from leaking and keeping things fresh. The refrigerator door has an egg holder and enough space to keep bottle and cans in it.
  • There are at least three shelves, depending upon the dimension of the machine, the number of shelves increases. These shelves are used to keep things in the fridge.
  • Deep freezer is the coldest area of refrigerator where you can make ice or keep frozen food and meat for longer life.

  • Refrigerator stand helps in keeping your refrigerator stand firmly. It is adjustable and made of plastic so that it can be cleaned easily.
  • There are air tight and vegetable boxes that help in storing food away from frost bites. Similarly, there are bottle racks to give proper space to bottles to remain cold.
  • Ice trays are common in every refrigerator, where single door has at least two ice trays in it, on the other hand, high tech refrigerators have ice dispensers attached to it.  
  • Refrigerator deodorizer helps in absorbing smell of meat or any other food that contains excess of garlic or onion.
  • The antifungal gasket is removable so that you can keep it clean. It helps in controlling the bacteria and fungi growth.

  •  A voltage stabilizer was always attached to homes earlier where there was fluctuation in electricity. Nowadays, stabilizers are inbuilt to prevent refrigerators from getting damaged.
  • Some French door models have ice as well as water dispenser which gives you the opportunity to drink water or take out ice without opening the door. This way your items are less exposed to higher temperature.
  •  Some hi tech refrigerators have the temperature controller and display screen which gives you the privilege to see the temperature inside the fridge and if you want you can increase or decrease it.
All these features aren’t available in one refrigerator but parts do remain the same. It is our job to explain you the basic features of a cooling machine so that whenever you plan to purchase it, you know what you’re looking for.

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