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The marketing industry is ever changing and ever evolving. So it’s very important to keep yourself updated on a regular basis. The best way is to use best blogs for the best updates. Digital marketing is a very vast field and it covers various platforms like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Affiliate Marketing and many more. These all platforms are very different from each other. It is very tough to cover all these facets in just one article. So, here are the top ten digital marketing blogs that you can follow in 2018.

*    Quick Sprout-by Neil Patel

This blog is very popular among the readers and has its strong presence since the last 10 years. It covers technical aspects with graph and data very accurately which makes content easy understandable.

*    Google Webmaster Central Blog-by Google

For the latest update in SEO, no one can give you better information than Google itself. This blog is a must for those who want to keep updated with the latest technology and tools in SEO.

*    SEMrush

SEMrush holds the record of various tools in SEO for the better understanding of your website.  This website has a blog section which provides important information and advice on conversions through various tools like internet marketing, SEO etc. It basically deals with the current trends in digital marketing.

*    Vero

It is the perfect email platform with an equally amazing blog on email marketing, analytics in addition to their features and services.

*    SendGrid

If you are looking for best email practices then SendGrid is just a click away from you. You will find all the content of email marketing. In addition to this, it also offers services and email solutions.

*    Emma

Though they are famous for their email marketing suite you cannot ignore this website for their amazing blog content. You will find the articles on how to run strategies regarding digital marketing, campaigns, and many more on their blog.

*    Copyblogger

In the content marketing world, Copyblogger has its presence in the industry business since the year 1998. It gives information on the relevant work that is currently in the industry by providing guidelines on various topics.

*    Contently

It specializes in providing technology helping create content for various brands. This blog provides very detailed information about various topics across the globe. If you really want to excel yourself in content then this is a must to follow.

*    PPC Hero

If you have interest in PPC marketing, then there is no best blog than PPC hero. The professionals on PPC hero provides advice and tips in very simple language to engage readers in an entertaining manner. Their topics, advice, and tips are unmatched and they enjoy a huge fan following.

*    Google: Inside AdWords

It is no surprise that we find google again on this list. This official blog contains so much useful advice, info, news and what not, that any PPC expert cannot afford to miss at all.

*    Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is considered as the largest social marketing resources which are updated with all the information regarding social media marketing tips.Once you sign up you get a regular update of social media topics and without paying any single penny.

Digital marketing has very bright future as its demand is increasing day by day. Any candidate with graduation along with the knowledge of computer can build his career in this field. To know the latest Philippines Job Vacancies in digital, you can visit Monster Philippines, a leading job portal that offers employers and job seekers a platform to connect. You can begin your job hunt by uploading your updated resume on the portal.

Author Bio:
Pragyan Prabha is a professional content writer who loves to pen down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. She covers various facets in her article which include SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC, content marketing, website designing, development and many more.

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