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Taking ESL classes – problems faced by teachers

As English is the common language spoken in almost every country, it has become important for the people to have command on it as their second language so that they can excel in their career. Knowing English enhances your chances of getting a job overseas or getting enrolled in any specific course is a renowned university. As people generally communicate in English, you might be left behind if you do not know the language. So, there are many people who are now getting ESL certified to teach the students and become a certified ESL teacher.

Some common issues faced by administrators and ESL teachers

To teach English as aforeign languageis a complicated and challenging task. If the teachers and administrators work together to sort out the problems then the issues would be less dangerous. Here are some problems faced by the teachers:

·      To manage the lessons – it is better to create a lesson plan beforehand in order to prepared hat you have to each on any particular day.
·     Developing student’s interests in the classroom – Many students do not have confidence and feel uncomfortable to engage in the activities of the classroom that involves speaking English. You can solve this problem by starting conversation in their first language to interact with the students.
·    Partner struggling student with advanced student – In a multiple class, the teacher is greatly focused on the advanced students. To group or pair students of various levels may lead to the students facing problems. So don’t pair up the students having lower proficiency in communicating with the advanced students.
·     Students are not clear what to do – This problem often happens in teaching English as a second language. This is a fact that actually it is the fault of teacher. When the instructions you give are not clear to the students or confusing then they will surely have doubts.

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